Firstly, lets just take a moment to appreciate the brand spanking new theme, featuring a highly professional* (*I took it myself) shot of a Venetian gondola and a colour scheme that is actually complimentary. My excuse for the previously garish orange and green is that wordpress only lets you make a small number of changes to a theme before you have to pay for further ‘unlimited customization’, so I actually couldn’t change it back. BUT THIS ONE LOOKS AWESOME.

Secondly, I should be revising.

Thirdly, there is this awesome website I want to tell you about! Take Part, as well as offering a cornucopia of information about interesting and relevant news, campaigns and issues from all over the world, gives you the opportunity to make a difference to every single one of the issues that it addresses in this way as every article is accompanied with a way to take immediate action through petitions, donations etc. Take a look at their ‘about us’ page for more info.

Take Part is the digital division of Participant Media, the production company behind a load of films that aim to raise awareness about important issues and instigate social change in these areas. These include: The Help, An Inconvenient Truth, Food Inc and The Cove. I watched The Cove last week, which is a documentary about dedicated activists that uncover the secret slaughter of dolphins in Japan. I highly recommend watching it:

After watching the film I was really eager to find out what I could do to help, which led me to Take Part. Their social action campaign for The Cove has links to petitions you can sign, up to date news about the campaign and whether the situation is improving (it is, but more still needs to be done). 

If saving dolphins isn’t your thing, the Take Action section of the website lists hundreds of petitions that you can sign to help support the prevention of bad things and the commencement of good things, from ending child labour on tobacco farms to banning the captivity of Orcas in California. Obviously, signing a petition does not make the problem magically disappear, but it does bring the issue to the attention of the people who have the most power to change it. If you’re revising the carbon cycle at university (hello first year geographers) you’re probably not in a position to jet off to Japan and physically free the dolphins that they are capturing every day over the winter months. However, you can still take part by signing petitions and telling your friends about the things that you want to change. Movements start small, but the more people that take part, the bigger it will be. As someone who always finds myself frustrated by the size of the problem and feeling like I can’t do anything about it, this website is super great and inspirational.

Big changes start with small steps.

They also start with you.

Good luck!

Lots of love, Megsy x

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