Hi, I’m Megan (or Megsy), and I run this blog because I’ve developed a bit of a passion for the planet. I am especially interested in environmentalism, conservation and sustainability, and my aim is to raise awareness about important global issues that I care very much about so that we can start saving the planet together, one step at a time.



I also like to blog sometimes about my own personal experiences with travel, university or anything else that I find interesting! Like most people my age (twenty) I have idealistic ambitions for the extent to which I can save the world whilst earning enough money to complete my tad excessive bucket list, but I am going to try anyway because there is no reason why not. There are thousands of things that I would like to do but ultimately my goal is to experience as much as I can through travelling and doing, and this is the little space where I will document the best bits.



I settled on the name bohomegs because I feel like maybe in my past life I was a bohemian princess dancing merrily away from life’s responsibilities, so, if you want to, I would love it if you accompanied me as I navigate (hopefully with a little grace) along this journey.

I also have a dog called Suki who is my one true love.


Here is my twitter

Here is my instagram

Here is my tumblr

Lots of love, Megsy x


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